My interest in complementary and alternative healing therapies came while searching for relief of my own stress and anxiety related symptoms. I was introduced to reflexology in 2011 and quickly fell in love! I became fascinated to learn how the feet hold an intricate map of reflex areas. I had to learn for myself how it worked – and that’s when it started. I quickly learned that balancing the mind, body and spirit is essential to my health. After experiencing reflexology firsthand and seeing the benefits, it inspired me to continue my journey of healing. Today, I have a holistic practice that I adore; with a variety of holistic services to empower people to approach their wellness as naturally as possible. I also founded Helianthus Holistic Arts, a multi-disciplinary holistic school, so that I can teach and reach people in different ways. My journey is far from over. For those who know me well, I am a student for life. This is my passion! I am continuously searching and learning so that I can bring the best in me to provide the greatest experience for my clients.